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The Security of a Second Opinion

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Being diagnosed with a serious condition can be confusing and stressful. It can be difficult to understand the diagnosis, treatment plan and risks. It’s also possible for doctors to make mistakes. If your doctor’s diagnosis or treatment does not feel right or appropriate, there is no harm in getting another professional opinion.

According to the Society to Improve Diagnostics in Medicine (SIDM), one in ten patients with a severe medical condition are initially misdiagnosed. Three-quarters of misdiagnosed cases occur with conditions like cancer, vascular diseases and infections.

A second medical opinion can be significant in certain situations. For instance, if a patient has been under treatment but symptoms continue, if the patient was diagnosed with a rare or life-changing disease or the proposed treatment is risky or involves surgery. You might feel reassured by hearing a confirmation of the diagnosis, alternative treatments or sometimes another diagnosis.

As part of our expanding service range, Medical Solutions is offering a Second Medical Opinion Service. This will further support patients by providing them with access to a Specialist Consultant. Patients will be able to discuss their diagnosis and treatment options with an expert clinician, which will provide the opportunity to ask questions, such as:

  • What is your expert opinion on my diagnosis?
  • Can I discuss my proposed treatment?
  • Is there more information about my condition?
  • Are there any alternative treatment options?

Second Medical Opinion Service

Medical Solutions continues to focus on the needs of our patients, and we believe the Second Medical Opinion Service will enhance the patient experience and provide the best possible outcomes for patients.

We now work with an extensive network of clinical specialists across the UK, which means experts, particularly in cancer care, cardiology and orthopaedics, are available to provide patients with more clarity regarding treatment options and diagnosis.

Medical Solutions now offers the following services to patients:

  • A dedicated team to answer patient calls and queries
  • Response within 24 hours* to patient requests for assistance
  • A detailed assessment of patient requirements to ensure we identify the most appropriate specialist for their needs
  • Access to an extensive database and fee schedules (enabling us to advise on estimated costs for treatment and ensuring we select specialists that charge appropriate fees for their expertise)
  • Regular updates and communication from our team to ensure patients always stay up to date
  • Face to face or video consultations with a specialist
  • “Desktop” second medical opinion where appropriate – recommendations for treatment or clinical trials can be requested from the specialist
  • Treatment-only sourcing solutions – offering advice and guidance on providers in a location of patient choice
  • Safe transfer of medical documentation, allowing the specialist to have a full view of the case in order to avoid unnecessary duplication of diagnostic investigations

How will it work?

Following a conversation with a Medical Solutions GP, they will refer the patient to our health concierge team who will identify the most appropriate Consultant Specialist(s) from their UK database. The patient can then choose which Consultant they would like to see for a face-to-face appointment. Telephone appointments are available if necessary.

We will arrange, manage and co-ordinate with the patient to access their medical information and then provide the safe and secure transfer of this information to the Consultant Specialist. After the consultation, the Consultant’s medical report will be sent securely to the patient and their NHS GP.

*We will respond to a patient request for assistance with an initial email within 24 hours of receipt providing requests received before 16.00 on a working day

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