Worried about the new coronavirus?

Stay at home if you have coronavirus symptoms. Do not go to a GP surgery, pharmacy or hospital.

If you have any concerns about coronavirus visit NHS 111 online and GOV.UK  or HSE website if you are an Ireland resident.


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Back Pain: Prevention and Treatment

For BackCare Awareness Week, Dr David Ward, GP with a special interest in Musculoskeletal at Medical Solutions, explains how to prevent and treat back pain. Back pain is a common disorder and almost everyone is affected by it at some stage in their lives. For most people the period of substantial pain and disability is…

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Do You Know Your Numbers?

The Know Your Numbers campaign from Blood Pressure UK encourages UK adults to find out their blood pressure measurement so if necessary they can take the suitable action to reach and maintain healthy blood pressure. Why is it important to measure your blood pressure? High blood pressure, referred to as Hypertension, is the leading risk factor…

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