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5 minutes with Dr Chris Morris, Chief Medical Officer at Medical Solutions

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Dr Chris Morris was appointed Chief Medical Officer at Medical Solutions in May 2019. Chris tells us about his new role, his experience working for Medical Solutions over the last 18 years, changes in the NHS and why he loves being a GP.

Decades of Experience

Chris has been a practising GP for 23 years, and he knew from as young as 8 years old that he wanted to be a GP.

“I can still remember the morning, aged eight, when seeing my own family doctor for an earache, which became the catalyst moment in my journey to become a GP.

A kind, if somewhat stern, doctor examined me and reassured my mother that it was an ear infection and, with antibiotics, I would get better in a few days.

I was impressed that he knew what was wrong with me and how to fix it. In that moment I knew I wanted to be a GP, not a doctor, but a GP. Ten years later, on my first day at medical school – and out of 120 fresh-faced students – I was the only one who wanted to be a GP.”

Growing up in Camberley Chris studied at St. George University Hospital in Tooting before he joined the army where he served for 10 years as a medical officer. After the army he joined an NHS surgery as a GP where he has been practising for 23 years.

Driven to develop his skillset further, Chris couldn’t say no when the chance to work for Medical Solutions arose. He joined the Medical Solutions GP team in 2001.

“It was an opportunity and a challenge to do something exciting. It was a new service that wasn’t happening anywhere.

Twenty years ago, it was rare for a patient to be able to book a telephone consultation with a GP. Yet by this time mobile telephones were already becoming widely owned, shops were open 24 hours a day; so why not also provide 24/7 convenient access to GPs, should patients need it?

During his time at Medical Solutions and in his NHS surgery he has witnessed first-hand the growing need for supplementary GP support as the NHS struggles to meet demand. He has relished the Medical Solutions service model which provides unlimited time with patients.

“At Medical Solutions doctors have time to be doctors. We have far less pressure on the consultation time. In our NHS surgeries we are lucky if we get 10 minutes with each patient and during that time we have far more things to do besides talking with the patient: we may need to do a physical examination, to prescribe, review any chronic conditions and write letters and notes. Medical Solutions provides us with the time to listen to our patient’s concerns.

The outcomes are more effective for the patient and work is enjoyable for the GPs.”

A New Role

Chris’ new role as Chief Medical Officer puts him at the centre of driving our quality standards even higher and delivering continuous improvement. He works closely with our GPs conducting audits, including reviewing notes; checking prescribing decisions; ensuring they we are operating within our guidelines and policies; and advising the operation team on matters of safeguarding, consent and confidentiality. Chris isn’t new to supporting clinicians to achieve the best outcomes for patients, he has been a trainer of NHS GPs for the past 15 years.

“As a doctor I want to help people, but I’ve also found that as a doctor I really enjoy helping people who work in the health industry whether they are nurses, doctors, paramedics, receptionists or managers. I like to help them to develop and make the best of themselves.”

The Next Generation of Services for The Next Generation of Patient

Chris’ expertise and experience have an impact across all departments at Medical Solutions, while having a focus on clinical governance and operations he also supports projects in marketing, sales and IT.

Chris has helped in in the launch of Medical Solutions’ new Medi-SMART service. A dedicated support line for medication related queries and advice. Chris’ clinical expertise and experience will heavily influence a range of new services Medical Solutions plans to launch over the coming months.

“The ‘journey’ will continue, and I’ve certainly relished every step of it – ever since I was sitting in my GP’s surgery aged eight years old.”

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